FAQs (Amped extender setup)

1. What if I am unable to connect to Amped Wireless setup?
o To resolve the issue, you will have to reset the Amped wireless range extender to its factory settings.
o You can do this by accessing the Amped extender’s settings page via to opt for the resetting the router through factory reset option.

2. What to do for failed access to amped extender setup wizard?
You can always access the Amped extender setup wizard or web based management page through but, if not, this can happen due to many reasons;
o Your connected computer might have some loose connection ends.
o Your home wireless connection must not be signal effective.
o You must not be entering the correct amped extender login details.

3. How can I prevent the Wi-Fi signals from the amped extender wireless network from disappearing?
o One of the main reasons is due to the older firmware version which requires immediate upgrade.
o Try to place your amped ireless range extender in closer area to your router.
o Select reliable devices or authorised users to connect to your wireless network to avoid bugs and Trojans from network accessing.

4. How can I download and upgrade the latest firmware version for my amped wireless range extender?
The latest firmware versions can be downloaded from the Amped official support site for your specific models. Though, you can upgrade the extender’s firmware to the newest downloaded version following login to the web based management setup page.

5. What is the Parental control feature used for?
The parental control feature is an efficient way to authorize access to internet browsing by your kids. It allows parents to block certain specific websites to be accessed by kids by blocking the access through settings page accessed by

6. How can I regain access to amped login page as I forgot my amped extender login/password?
If ever you forget your admin login password to access the web menu, you will have the only solution to reset your amped wireless range extender back to factory default settings to regain access. This can be done manually by holding down the reset button on the extender for just few seconds.

7. What is Auto loading web menu feature?
This feature is n help for you to easily re-configure your amped wireless extender when it loses its network connection with your home route. This allows Amped extender’s web menu to automatically load on your launched web browser.

8. How can I fix unable access to Home Network in the web menu Scan page?
o This can happen if your Amped wireless range Extender is out of range and you will to fix it by moving it closer towards the wireless router and trying access to the Setup Wizard again from the web menu.
o The other reason might be your hidden wireless SSID which you should allow broadcasting to fix the setup menu access.

9. How is it possible to open the menu through login when it fails to do so?
o You must be certain that your computer is connected to amped range extender’s wireless network.
o Try accessing setup menu using the default amped extender login IP address,
o Try to power cycle – power Off/On your amped wireless range extender.
o If nothing helps, try to reset the extender.

10. Why is my amped wireless Range Extender not allowing internet access?
This can happen due to dropping of your home network connection due to power outage or changing of settings.
o You can resolve the issue by connecting to the Amped wireless range Extender and accessing its dashboard/setup menu through to run the setup wizard to be able to reconnect the Range Extender to your network.