Amped wireless login

1. Disconnect and Power Off your Existing Extender:-

Firstly, Disconnect your existing extender from your pc, your broadband electronic equipment and its power outlet. If you do not have an existing extender please continue to Step 2.

2. Power Off your electronic equipment:-

Then, Power off the Modem by disconnecting the Modem’s power adapter from the ability outlet. If your electronic equipment encompasses a backup battery, take away the backup battery from your electronic equipment.
3. Connect the High Power Extender to in your Modem:-
  • Firstly, Use the enclosed blue coax cable and connect one finish of the cable to your electronic equipment.
  • Connect the opposite finish of the cable to the blue port on the High Power Extender.
4. Power on your electronic equipment:-
Infix the ability adapter and reinsert the backup battery (if available) to power on the Modem. Permit a moment or 2 for the electronic equipment to initiate.
5. Power on the High Power Extender and connecting it to your Computer:-
  • Firstly, Attach the 2 enclosed Antennas.
  • Secondly, Connect the included grey Ethernet cable to an available network port on your computer.
  • Attach the Power Adapter to the High Power Extender’s PWR port as well as a power outlet.
6. Open your net Browser:-
Enter the setup net address into your browser:
7. Welcome to the good Setup Wizard:-
The good Setup Wizard can guide you thru the subsequent settings:
  • Web association Settings
  • System Clock
  • Wireless Settings as well as Click begin to start.
8. Configure your internet Connection:-
  1. Firstly, Configure your web settings victimization the automated settings.
  2. More advanced users might like better to configure their association manually by choosing Manual Configuration.
  3. If your web supplier needs that you just login before accessing the web you may have to be compelled to do therefore underneath Manual Configuration.
  4. If the automated Configuration was prospering, you may be directed to a Configuration prospering page.
  5. Click Next to continue.
Set the System Clock – Amped wireless login :-
The System Clock is employed for system logs as well as setting schedules for web access. Click synchronizing to synchronize the System Clock with the time on your pc. Click Next to continue.
Configure your Wireless Settings:-
The default ID of your wireless network is: Amped_Network to change it, enter a brand new name within the SSID field. Users connecting wirelessly to the Extender can use this ID to spot your wireless network. Click Next to continue.
Wireless Security Settings The default Security Key (WPA/WPA2) of your wireless network is – Amped wireless login:-
wireless to change it, enter a brand new key within the Security Key field. The key should be a minimum of eight characters long. Click Next to use your settings. The High Power Extender can bring up. This method might take up to one minute. The page can mechanically reload when the counting. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to be compelled to refresh the page manually or check your association to the extender.

Amped Wireless AC1750 extender Setup

Amped wireless extender setup location

  • The Amped Wireless AC1750 extender must be positioned at an optimal location for the best performance.
  • To position Amped Wireless extender, locate an optimal amped wireless extender setup location that should be close to mid way between the source router and the area receiving no wireless network signal at all.
  • The Amped Wireless AC1750 extender’s status LED guides you in positioning using the signal strength for placing at desired location. The optimal signal strength should be more than 70% for optima placement.

It is recommended to use proper wired connections between the extender and other hardware devices prior to Amped Wireless  extender setup.

Amped Wireless AC1750 extender Setup

Establishing connections:

  • Attach the antennas to your Amped Wireless AC1750 extender and orient them in all the directions.
  • Ensure to connect them tightly at proper receiving wire connectors and at place.
  • Connect the Amped Wireless AC1750 extender to the computer through wired connection using an Ethernet cable that connects at the LAN port.
  • Alternatively, try to connect the Amped Wireless extender to the computer wirelessly suing the default wireless settings as mentioned on the wifi configuration manual of the Amped Wireless AC1750 extender.
  • Plug your amped wireless AC1750 extender to the power by connecting the power plug for Amped Wireless AC1750 extender setup.

Amped Wireless AC1750 extender setup – access the setup wizard

  • Launch the web browsing window on your computer to access the setup wizard for Amped Wireless AC1750 extender setup.
  • In the address bar, enter the amped extender login web address for amped extender login.
  • For any login errors, try to use default IP address for login into the address bar of your launched browser.
  • The amped extender login directs to the Amped Wireless AC1750 extender’s login page.
  • Go ahead and click on the smart setup wizard setup.
  • Go by the onscreen instructions on the smart setup wizard page to finish the Amped Wireless AC1750 extender setup process.
  • The amped wireless AC1750 extender’s dashboard would display the current status of your wireless Extender network.
  • Click on the “Scan” option.
  • This would search for any available wireless networks nearby.
  • Select the one which is from the source router highlighting its SSID.
  • To setup the Amped Wireless AC1750 extender, the wireless network from the source router should have signal bandwidth strength 70% or greater than 70%.
  • Failure to locate any source router’s wireless network with the optimal signal strength would require re-locating the Amped Wireless AC1750 extender close to the source router or access point.
  • Amped Wireless AC1750 extender should be relocated until the desired signal strength is achieved by checking through frequent scanning of the available source wifi networks.
  • Opt to Connect to the source router’s wireless network with its wireless network settings manually.
  • Otherwise, the extender’s setup wizard would automatically select as well as connect to the home wireless network connection using its wireless security settings – SSID and password.
  • Create a wireless network SSID to secure your Amped Wireless AC1750 extender’s extension network as it is same as the router’s SSID.
  • Also, create a wireless security key or network password to connect to the extended network.
  • After the Amped Wireless AC1750 extender setup, it would reboot and extend the source Wi-Fi connection.
  • Connect the wireless devices to the Amped Wireless AC1750 extender’s new extended wireless network.
  • Lastly, the extended wifi network signals through Amped Wireless AC1750 extender setup and login is reachable to dead zone area.

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